Join us for this unique one-day event and get ready for rapid growth in 2020 with Entrepreneur Dynamics, the #1 system for Entrepreneurs. Used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest-growing companies.

The No.1 Success System for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Dynamics is a packaging of all our entrepreneur assessment tools into one seamless system with updated content, microdegree, mentoring and events to boost your business in 2020 and beyond.

With Entrepreneur Dynamics, we give you the tools for you and your team to 10x your income and impact. For the first time, we are providing a full agile leadership pathway for start up entrepreneurs, fast growth enterprises and high performing teams to grow their flow.

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Roger Hmailton

Who, What, Where & When

The Speaker:
Renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton

The Participants:
Leaders and guests of London’s leading entrepreneur organisations


The Venue:
The Chelsea Harbour Hotel -
Chelsea Harbour Dr, Fulham, London SW10 0XG,
United Kingdom

The Date:
Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Time:
8.00am registration opens (9.00am start)
3.30pm end (3.30pm - 5.00pm networking)


Are you a new start up looking to use a proven system to enhance your business?

Are you a growing business looking for tools and systems you can use and replicate in your business?

Are you expanding your team and business and looking for a system to enhance this rapid growth?

Are you looking for smart and inflation proof ways to invest your capital?

By joining us in London you will be a step ahead of your competition! You will enhance your knowledge by understanding what tools and systems will help you navigate 2020 effectively.


Principles of Entrepreneur Dynamics to follow

Simple steps to automate your marketing with AI

The systems you can use today to multiply your sales

Smart social media strategies to wow your customers

How to test and improve your products rapidly

Easiest ways to access cash and investors today


How to attract world class talent

Fastest path to take your business global



8.00 am - Registration opens
Come early to meet and network with your fellow attendees and exhibitors.

9.00 am - 10.30 am - SESSION 1

Impact Test and Impact Dynamics
Impact Dynamics gives you a process and rhythm to grow the flow and impact of your team. The system is already used by the top entrepreneurs in Genius Group, who are participants of Wealth Dynamics Masters and Roger’s top mentoring group, Crystal Circle.

For the first time, this system is being made available online, giving entrepreneurs and companies the ability to apply cutting-edge tools in agile leadership to manage the growth of your enterprise from one to a million customers, at every level of the Impact meter.

10:30 am - 11:00 am Break

11.00 am - 12.30 pm SESSION 2

2020 Business Strategies in Action
You will create your own plan for the next one and ten years, designing the business, role and life you want to achieve the ideal income and impact, using the business strategies you learn on the day.

You will see how to use the cutting edge tools that are available today to turn your enterprise and your job into an Entrepreneur 5.0 business. Roger will take you through a process to transforming your mindset and mission into a 2020 ready plan.

12.30 pm - 2.00 pm Break

2.00 pm - 3.30 pm - SESSION 3

5 Steps to have rapid growth in 2020 and beyond
Roger mentors entrepreneurs and companies around the world, He has built his own companies into a $100 million group. Entrepreneur Resorts runs entrepreneur locations around the world and is today a public listed company. GeniusU has become the world’s leading Entrepreneur education network with over a million members. Both are growing as Entrepreneur 5.0 companies.

In this session Roger will show you how he is growing his companies, and 5 steps for you to follow to grow yours over the coming nine months. You will leave with the specific next steps to take for success in the next year - and ten years - ahead.

3.30 pm - 5.30 pm - NETWORKING
We know the importance of building and creating connections throughout the day. Please do join us at the end of the day to network and solidify relationships built over the course of the event. This is also an opportunity to thank our amazing exhibitors and partners who contribute to the success of these events.

Maximise your personal, team
and business growth


Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you ready for 2020?

As we enter a brand new decade, are you using the very best, cutting- edge strategies and tools to grow your income and impact?

Entrepreneurs know that by doubling the size of their business, they can double the size of their impact. However it’s not as easy as it sounds. Often, as we experience growth in revenue we lack the speed of agile leadership require to grow our talent at the same pace.

Sometimes the leadership level of the entrepreneur does not match the impact level of the company, and like a mismatched pilot and plane, it can lead to disaster.

At this one day event you will discover using the Entrepreneur Dynamics system with my series of assessments, that you have a natural entrepreneur profile, which is your most natural way of generating flow. You also have a level of wealth creation which is how your personal cash flow is decided. Your business, equally has a level of impact it creates and this is measured by the number of customers it has.

You will learn the exact blueprint you, your team and your company have today and the exact steps you can take to move your company up the Entrepreneur ladder, allowing you to create more flow and impact at speed!

Over a million entrepreneurs have taken the entrepreneur assessment tools I’ve created, including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, the Impact Meter, the Wealth Spectrum, the Genius Test and the Purpose Test. We now have over a million members on our online platform, GeniusU. Seeing the trends within our global community, I know that by understanding your and your team’s unique Profiles and Impact Level, you will be one step ahead as you grow your business and personal flow in 2020 and beyond. That’s why I am hosting Entrepreneur Dynamics events all over the world in 2020.

If you’re ready to think differently, join us at this event. I look forward to seeing you in the (near) future.


and how can you use this to maximise your
personal, team and business growth?

Entrepreneur Dynamics begins with understanding where you at today by completing a series of short assessments. Each assessment provides you with a valuable insight on yourself, your team, your cash flow and your impact. Together they provide a unique blueprint and pathway with clearly defined steps for growth

1. Entrepreneur Ladder. What’s your level of flow?

The Entrepreneur Ladder gives you clarity on your personal wealth level. Every level of the ladder, like a radio station, makes our reality sound like the only song in town. The reason we get stuck in debt, stuck in our business, stuck at a level of wealth or effectiveness, is because we are not clear on what the other levels are, and how they operate often in opposite ways to the level we are at.

2. Impact Meter. What’s your level of impact?

The Impact Meter measures what level of impact your business is at currently shows you what it takes to move to a Level 6 business with 100,000 customers, and a Level 7 business with 1 million customers.

3. Wealth Dynamics. How to grow your flow

Wealth Dynamics measures which of the 8 entrepreneur profile types you are and how you personally are able to create the most trust and flow.

4. Impact Dynamics. How to grow your impact

Shows you how to set up your business with all the tools and practical steps to allow it to go from $1M to $20M ensuring your team have the experience, culture and support to allow this exponential growth

Maximise your personal, team
and business growth


Join the Entrepreneur Movement

Over 20,000 entrepreneurs are joining us in 2020
online and at special events & training in 40 cities.




Wealth Dynamics for Property Investors
Wealth Dynamics for Online Businesses
Wealth Dynamics for Mentors
Teen Dynamics
Health Dynamics
Talent Dynamics for Leaders
Talent Dynamics for Teams
Talent Dynamics for Sales
Talent Dynamics for Recruitment
Talent Dynamics for Accountants


San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Mexico City


Cape Town

Kuala Lumpur

Entrepreneur Dynamics tools are already being
used by the top companies in the world

In partnership with Atairu, Entrepreneur Dynamics tools and ‘Leadership 5.0’
programs are already being used by the top companies in the world, including
Microsoft, Google and IBM


Roger is a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the founder of Genius Group, a $100 million group of companies leading the entrepreneur movement. Genius Group includes his tech company, GeniusU, which connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, connections and opportunities, and is growing from a $50 million to $80 million venture builder in the coming year. It also includes Entrepreneurs Institute, which is the largest Entrepreneur Network in the world, with over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 cities.

He is also founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs Group, which had its IPO and became a listed company in 2017. Roger is the creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics & Impact Dynamics, used by over 700,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. All of Roger’s companies empower the Entrepreneur Movement - collectively growing ourability to create and contribute wealth.

Boomberg Television
USA Today
The New York Times
Boston Globe
The Globe and Mail
El Confidential
Huffington Post
Bussiness Insider


'I've been attending all the London events for the past 5 years. It's really valuable coming back to keep myself up-to-date with all the latest trends in entrepreneurship. There are not many places where you can get the latest entrepreneurship advice alongside a great growth culture and awesome community. Everytime I attend the event, one thing that gets me is how much bigger I should be thinking. I wouldn't have started my business and taken the route I did if it wasn't for the many entrepreneurs I've met through the event. I've learnt a great deal as I grow as an entrepreneur and take action because of the learnings from Roger Hamilton.'

Woon Tan, Founder of Podcast Publishing


'Kathy & I attended the one day event in Manchester & Birmingham in May this year, as well as the Exponential Entrepreneur in London in June.

The events were amongst the most exciting, interesting and challenging that we’ve attended. Roger’s perception is phenomenal. He explains things clearly, drawing together many different aspects of personal and business development and still relates this to your real world experience. The events are fun, dynamic, welcoming, personal, engaging and unmissable.'

Howard Cain & Kathy Bradley

'This event highlighted the fast pace at which disruptive technologies are changing our business landscape whilst also showing us all how to embrace the change. This affects us all, so is a must for everyone before it is too late!'

Caterina Bernardini


‘I have been part of this community for many years, I run an extremely successful business and the reason I come to Roger Hamilton's events is because each time I come, I learn something that can change my business, improve it or I gain some perspective in how I can make a difference in my community of vets around the world. I have had many lightbulb moments over the years which have made a massive impact in my business.’

Anthony Chadwick - Founder, Webinar Vet



Maximise your personal, team
and business growth



Simon Zutshi

Tim Snell
Founder & Principle Consultant
Tim Snell

Kathy Bradley
Asana Property Investments

Howard Cain
Asana Property Investments

Ariella Indigo
Queen of Revelation
Ariella Indigo

Caterina Bernardini
Your Home Our Home

Luca Bernardini
Your Home Our Home

Ian Traynar
Breakthrough Learning

Anthony Chadwick
The Webinar Vet (Alpha Vet International Ltd)

Laura Hartley
Hartley People Retention Consultancy

Sally Griffyn
Millionaire Yogi, Co-Founder
The Visionaries Ltd

Aiswarya Subramaniyan
The Visionaries Ltd

Alison Shadrack
Founder & CEO
Adia PR

Sue Jackson
CEO & Founder
The Awakened Enterprise

Sue Jackson
City Leader

Catherine Gallagher
City Leader

Eileen Forrestal
City Leader

Jan Polak
City Leader

AnYes Van Rhijn
The Reinvention Mentor

Woon Tan
Podcast Publishing

Darshana Ubl
Verve Rally

Lili Niemann
Founder and CEO,
E-Square Education



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100% risk-free guarantee

100% risk-free guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with Entrepreneur Dynamics London. If you don’t believe you have got your money’s worth, just send us an email within 48 hrs after the event and we will give you a full refund or exchange - whichever you prefer.


London, UK
Venue: The Chelsea Harbour Hotel -
Chelsea Harbour Dr, Fulham, London SW10 0XG,
United Kingdom

The Date:Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Time: Registration from 8.00 am (9.00am Start)


+ Where is the event being held?

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel -
Chelsea Harbour Dr, Fulham, London SW10 0XG,
United Kingdom - thursday, February 13, 2020

+ What do I do if I cannot find my ticket?

Once you have been registered you will receive an email confirming your ticket. If you cannot find your ticket or the email, please do not worry, as long as you can give us your name we can scan you into the event on the day!

+ What happens if I haven’t done my wealth or talent dynamics test before the event?

Please make sure you do your test prior to attending the event. Roger will regularly refer to these tests, AND in order to get the most out of the event it we strongly encourage that you complete these.

We will have systems available at the event to be able to complete your test however it is important that you do it prior to the event in order to have time to read and digest the results.

+ Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring a notebook and a pen or your computer to take notes from the sessions.

ALSO it can get quite cold in the conference room. Please bring a jumper or something to keep you warm.

+ What time is registration?

Registration is from 8am and the event starts at 9am.

+ If I arrive late, can I still join?

Yes you may, however please take care not to disturb the other delegates.

+ Can I bring a guest?

Yes you are welcome. There may be an additional charge at the door.

+ What is the dress code?

We recommend you to wear smart-casual; wear something that you are feeling comfortable with and that you’d wear at other networking events;

Ladies: You are good to come in clothes that still feel comfortable to move and sit with for a couple of hours each day!

Gentlemen: You are good to come without a tie and a suit!

ALSO it can get quite cold in the conference room. Please bring a jumper or something to keep you warm.

+ Are refreshments available?

Tea and coffee will available during the breaks. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is NOT included. There are many cafes in the vicinity or please do consider bringing snacks with you.

+ Everything you need to know about ticket purchases!

1.Online Ticket Purchase
Purchasers of tickets who are under eighteen (18) years of age should seek parental consent before purchasing tickets/ merchandises from our website. By transacting on our website, purchaser certifies that purchaser is at least (18) eighteen years of age & understands the conditions of use.

2.Transferring tickets
In the event that you cannot attend to receive the Event/course for which you booked, your ticket is transferable to another person, provided that you identify to us the person to whom you wish to transfer your ticket together with full contact details for your substitute, at least seven (07) days before the Event/course. Once the transfer has taken place the transferee will be bound by the same terms & conditions as the original ticket holder. Any funds due or outstanding will remain due from the initial attendee that agreed to these Terms and Conditions at the point of sale.

3.Event/Course changes
We may for any reason deem it necessary to change the Event/course dates, audience capacity, venue, speaker or hours without prior notice. In such circumstances, you retain the right to reschedule your enrolment in accordance with our rescheduling policy clause 3.

4.Event cancellation
If for any reason we deem it necessary to do so, we may cancel any Event/course by notifying you in writing, in which case, we will refund the total amount you have paid for your enrolment. This is your sole right and remedy against us and you will have no other claim against us for a refund or for compensation.

No refund can be made for cancellations or no-show at the event upon successful registrations. No refund can be made on any of the courses and mentoring programs organised by GeniusU or its partners. However, substitutions will be welcomed if you are unable to attend.

6. 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with this event. If you don't believe you have got your money’s worth, just send us an email within 24 hours after the event and we will give you a full refund or exchange - whichever you prefer.