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Apply today to be one of the first 25 Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty Members and be recognised as a Key Product Specialist, recommended by us, in your City

Create a minimum of $100,000 of additional revenues.

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Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty Membership is brand new. In this exciting pre-pre launch, exclusive to our existing Mentors, we are inviting applications to take the first 25 places in the Cities where we already have attraction and momentum with clients seeking ongoing training and mentoring.

We know these places will fill quickly, as having just briefly shared about Entrepreneur Dynamics at the recent Wealth Dynamics Masters event, we filled 5 spaces.


5 Reasons to be an
Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty Member

Earn over $100,000 in revenue as the key go to Performance Consultant in your city.

Be recognised by Entrepreneurs Institute as the recommended Consultant in your city.

Be promoted directly by Roger James Hamilton or your City Leader at your city events.

Be the first to learn about interpreting and using the brand new Entrepreneur Test with your clients.

Grow your flow and attraction by working directly with our clients

Dear Mentor

Entrepreneurs know that by doubling the size of their business, they can double the size of their impact. However its not just as easy as it sounds. Often, as they experience this growth in revenue, they lack the speed of agile leadership required to grow their Talent at the same time. Sometimes the wealth spectrum level of the leader mis matches the size of the company making it almost impossible for them to spearhead the growth in an effective manner at all.

So, I've created the free Entrepreneur test, to identify where both your personal flow and your company flow is at. In the coming months we are attracting 20,000+ entrepreneurs to join our Entrepreneur Dynamics community, launching in December. We will be inviting them to take the brand new free Entrepreneur Test, which measures both their personal flow and their company flow and then takes them on a guided pathway, including targeted consulting and training with one of our approved Faculty members, so that they can effectively and easily exponentially grow their business using our tools and agile leadership methods

Which brings me to you.

You have already stepped up as a leader, either as one of our City Leaders, Mentors or Consultants. By applying to become one of our Faculty members, you’ll be on the inside track for our biggest launch of the decade. We need approved Faculty members that we can direct Entrepreneurs to in local cities where they can access consulting, training and mentoring to grow their businesses, ranging from level 1 to level 9 companies, in agile leadership. You can earn upwards of $100,000 per annum with some companies paying $30,000+ for 1 years consulting to grow their flow and move up the impact meter, allowing them to more than double in size with your expert guidance.

Join us for some exciting times ahead by applying to become one of our Faculty members today!

$100,000 PER ANNUM


Entrepreneur Dynamics in a nutshell

Entrepreneur Dynamics is our major theme for 2020 and will be by far our biggest launch to date. The pre-launch begins in November this year and this invitation to join the Faculty now, is part of our exclusive pre-pre launch!

Entrepreneur Dynamics is the re-branding and re-structuring of all of our assessments and products into simple and easy to understand pathways for both entrepreneurs and companies with teams.

Using all of our existing tools and assessments, along with brand new ones, we are creating the worlds best system for Entrepreneurs!

It also includes the launch of exciting new assessments, such as the free Entrepreneur test which measures both your personal level of flow and your business level of flow, giving you direct and practical guidance on the clear next steps to take.

Along with the new assessments, we also have 10 brand new supplementary reports that can help your clients niche in their chosen industry, such as Wealth Dynamics for investors, Talent Dynamics for Leaders, Wealth Dynamics for Mentors, Talent Dynamics for Sales.

We are also launching brand new tools for our top Consultants to use, such as a portal to replace the existing consultant portal, which will be on GeniusU where your clients can access their reports easily and quickly and where product partners can create their own assessments too.

In the same way that we launched Entrepreneur 5.0 in 2019, quickly attracting over 20,000 new followers and 1000’s of new clients and event attendees, we will be doing the same with the Entrepreneur Dynamics pre launch in November and December.

Faculty Membership in a nutshell

We know already that the launch of Entrepreneur Dynamics will be by far the biggest launch we have had to date. Its because of this we are seeking good quality Consultants who can represent us on the ground in each of our top performing and active cities

Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty members are officially appointed by Entrepreneurs Institute, as the key go to person for Entrepreneur Dynamics training, coaching and support in a specific city.

Highlighted and promoted via the Entrepreneur Dynamics website and events they are the key consultants who can expect the major flow to come via them. We conservatively expect Faculty Members to generate at least $100,000 of revenues per annum.

Faculty members are accredited Performance Consultants, fully trained in Wealth Dynamics, Wealth Spectrum and Talent Dynamics with a strong understanding of the routes to exponentially grow businesses of all sizes from level 1 right up to level 7. As a Faculty member you will have a successfully growing businesses with clear product offerings, which we show you how to curate.

Roger personally promotes the local Faculty member during his live events in the local cities and the City Leaders promote the Faculty member ongoing during the year.


What’s Included for Faculty Members

12 months as your Cities recognised
Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty Member.

For the full year you are the go to person in your City, trained to a high level in our content and workshops. You can apply renew your Faculty Membership at the end of the 12 months, based on the growth both you and your clients have experienced and on the reviews you have on your GeniusU profile

100 of the new Entrepreneur Dynamics tokens

You can choose between Wealth Dynamics and Talent
Dynamics or have 50 of each. Each token comes with
the full package that we will be offering in December
to those who join our December pre launch. This will
include the supplementary reports by niche area and
Citizen membership on GeniusU.

Direct Marketing and Recommendations
in your City

You will be highlighted on our Entrepreneur Dynamics landing page and local event marketing as the approved Faculty Member, recommended by Entrepreneurs Institute and Roger James Hamilton. Each City Leader will also promote you at their local events and you can run high net worth events locally for those that have taken the Entrepreneur Test.

A free ticket to the Genius Group Partner Conference July 12th and 13th in Bali

The Genius Group Partner Conference is a line up of 100 of our top
City Leaders, Faculty Members, Product Partners, Global Partners
and mentors from around the world. You will learn practical and
highly effective strategies to implement into your business in the
following 12 months whilst planning out your business growth.

Full GeniusU Mentor Status
valued at $970

Ability to connect with over 1,200,000 members looking for help
and guidance and to be promoted by “Genie” with your own 5
star ratings and reviews. You can:

Set up your community circles to build
quality leads and trust

Create your own paid or free Microdegrees and
Certifications on GeniusU

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually
and in real time

Share your opportunities with all of the other
members on GeniusU

Place your products and services for sale on the
GeniusU webstore

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings
on a personalised dashboard

Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
valued at $970

A full year on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton.

The Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind includes the following

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top
entrepreneurs in our network You can ask Roger direct questions
which he answers once a month in a value packed recording!

Access the full back catalogue of recordings

A community of over 1000 entrepreneurs to support your growth
and share opportunities with

$100,000 PER ANNUM


Who should apply to be an Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty member?

We are looking for talented and capable Performance Consultants with existing training and consulting businesses/experience to join our Faculty.

You will ideally be

Yellow level, looking to get to bright yellow…
Probably wanting to get to Green and beyond

Already experienced in training, coaching, mentoring or consulting and you are looking for ways to leverage your existing product offering with your clients

Wanting to find practical and powerful ways to increase your client attraction and retention within the next 12 months

Keen to be associated with the brand of Entrepreneurs Institute as one of our Entrepreneur Dynamics Faculty Members and ready to take on some of our new clients

Our Faculty Members are promoted and recommended directly by Entrepreneurs Institute and as such it is important that they are at a certain level of certification and performance


Priority applications for Faculty places will be
given in the following order:

  1. Existing Certified Performance Consultants who are on an active license & Existing City Leaders who would like to step up and be Faculty/Performance Consultants

  2. Existing Flow Consultants who would like to step up to Faculty/Performance Consultants

  3. Existing Mentors who would like to become Faculty/Performance Consultants/City Leaders

*Faculty is an annually renewable membership, based on
your clients and personal results and your reviews on GeniusU

If you would like to step up to Faculty Member and are not yet a Performance Consultant, you can still apply AND be accepted by booking to attend the July certification in Bali July 8-12th

As a Performance Consultant, you will be certified in how to run entire one and two day programs, with both corporate teams and entrepr eneurial teams. You will also learn how to create and run masterminds in the same way that Roger Hamilton does, generating you at least $5k per m onth of ongoing revenues.

Performance consultants can easily generate between $25k and $1 00k additional revenue a year.

When you run a full one day program with a client as a Performa nce Consultant, you can typically generate a $150k return on invest ment for your client. Many clients have reported even bigger revenue s from a 1 day programme with a certified Performance Consultant.


Also for all Faculty Members and
Performance Consultants, we will be
gifting you A FREE TICKET TO OUR
JULY 13/14TH

Join us for an amazing and inspirational, 2 day conference, for all of our Faculty Members, Performance Consultants, City Leaders, Mentors, Product Partners and Global Partners, where we will sh are the incredible growth plans for 2020. Discover how you can leve rage your activities off these incredible plans, to massively grow yo ur business whilst co-creating with us.

An extraordinary gathering of 100 incredible partners, leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs at Vision Villas in Bali

Exclusive leading learner sessions with a stellar lineup of “Tedx style” presentations from both the Genius Group leadership team and some of most successful and experienced partners, from around the world, sharing their best proven practices for personal and professional growth in 2020

Networking, connecting and growing with some of the most inspirational people you’ll ever meet, who are looking to collaborate and create a world full of purpose and impact

Opportunity to build, grow, collaborate and co-create new ideas with the Genius Group in 2020 and beyond


Investment levels

Faculty Application

Faculty applications are particularly welcome in the following Cities where we already have active City Leaders running Entrepreneur Socials and events or are seeking City Leaders and Faculty due to being one of our top Cities for clients and community